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Custom Slaughter and Processing

Raising your own beef, pork, or other meat is one of the best ways to ensure you are getting the highest-quality meat available. But processing the meat can take so much time and equipment. At Odenthal Meats, we can take care of the slaughtering and processing from start to finish for you. You can custom order your meat to be made into sausage, steaks, roasts, jerky, sticks, hams, or any other cut of your choice.

Wholesale Cutting

At Odenthal Meats we are proud to offer our customers access to larger cuts of meat, such as quarters or sides of beef or pork for resale use, or for families.

Custom Smoking

Do you have a longing to taste meat that is freshly smoked, but have trouble finding just the right flavor? At Odenthal meats, we handle custom smoking orders. If you have deer, pork, fish, or any other type of product that you would like to have smoked, we would be more than happy to serve you! Your wish is our command.

Custom Blending & Products

Have you ever desired to try a meat product that you couldn't find to purchase? Do you crave a specific blend of meats with select seasonings? At Odenthal Meats, we handle custom orders of different products including unique combinations of different meats and spices. Whether you have a recipe you want to use, or you would like to try one of ours, we would love to take care of your order!

Wild Game Processing (Trimmings Only)

At Odenthal Meats, we can take your wild game and produce delicious jerky, sausage, sticks, steaks, and more; we combine your fresh game, different meat blends, choice seasonings, and hours of careful smoking to create a product that is truly unique and suited exactly to your tastes!

Special Events

Is there an up-coming wedding or a special anniversary in the near future? At Odenthal Meats, we have meat and cheese platters and several heat and serve options to prepare ahead of time to produce high-quality, mouth-watering meats just for your event.